"Would you have done it? Would you have kept your oath then?"

  • Renly: I'll make you a member of my kingsguard if you win a melee against 200 men.
  • Brienne: I've got this.
  • Catelyn: Please escort a prisoner on your own through the war ridden country.
  • Brienne: I've got this.
  • Locke: Let's cosplay my favourite song with a real life bear.
  • Brienne: I've got this.
  • Cersei: I want to talk to you about boys.


Some good Great Mouse Detective/BBC Sherlock crossover images.

The last one’s my favourite.

FFS! Credit back to the bloody source! It is not that bloody hard, and this goes to everyone who’s reblogged this without questioning the lack of sources in these pieces.
It’s just rude!

Bithces plz!
How I perceive the Jaime x Brienne fandom…

Bithces plz!

How I perceive the Jaime x Brienne fandom…

Save that for episode four ;)

Too late. Started now, and will continue until… Oh well, I have no idea… Until George R. R. Martin stops breaking my heart.

Which will mean… NEVER!!!

GOT Season 4 spoilers… Kinda

What upsets me the most about Joffreys death and the whole Sansa-deal is WHAT IT HAS TO LEAD TO in regards of Jaime and Brienne!!! 

I don’t ever ever want them to leave each other… EVER!

[A temporary] Goodbye to the dynamic duo that is Jaime x Brienne!!!


This moment!

Breaks my heart! The way she looks at Jaime at the end!!!

Well I’m a little younger than [Laurence and Mads]… (x)

Back, Back, Back

… Kinda.

Seriously though - I’ve been crazy busy. Fort eh last month and a half I’ve been working as a temp-school teacher and shoot me if that wasn’t the hardest trials I’ve ever been through.

This Friday I am going to Brussels, where I’ll stay for a week, so there won’t be any updates from me in that period, and after that I am back full-on waitress-time.

BUT I still hope to update and draw and maybe even livestream in the near future.

That said, if any of you guys have any ideas or suggestions as to what needs to be drawn, let me know… don’t expect me to actually do it, but I could use all the inspiration I can gather.

I’ve seriously missed ALL OF YOU GUYS and the ALL THE CRAZY!

The JAIME X BRIENNE fandom is one of the most wonderful things in the world! 



Who would you cast as Selwyn Tarth, assuming we meet him someday?

Well my personal choice, and this is only because it is my headcanon for The Covering Sky is Brian Cox-

I totes approve!!!